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Regain (and Maintain) Control Over Business Social Media Accounts

If an employee leaves the company while they still have access to your social media accounts, it could spell disaster — or at least embarrassment — for your social media presence.

And yet, it's a pretty common scenario at small businesses that don't have strong social media policies or exit procedures. 

This post will show you how to revoke access to various social media accounts and provide tips on strengthening your social media policy.

Facebook Donate Simplifies Charitable Fundraising

Charitable organizations and non-profits can now use Facebook to raise funds. While many groups may have already been doing this indirectly, say by posting about a fundraiser and then providing a link to donate, Facebook has just eliminated this middle step. The Facebook "one-click" Donate button allows organizations to accept donations right on their Facebook Page.

The Do's and Don'ts of Instagram Marketing

As of 2016, Instagram surpassed 500 million active users. That means your brand has the capacity to reach an audience of over 500 million people! The unique sharing platform and community makes Instagram a playground for marketers, if they can use the app effectively for their strategy.

Facebook Newsfeed Update On Authenticity, Timing, and Videos

At the end of January, Facebook announced another tweak to their Newsfeed algorithm. This is part of their constant struggle to make newsfeeds more relevant to individual users. The changes this time target three things: the authenticity of content, real-time content, and video completion.

Did You Hear? Now You Can Post Jobs On Facebook!

There is no doubt that Facebook remains a powerful digital marketing tool. It's rolled out many changes just in the last year. Now that tool has extended its reach into the HR field by launching a new feature that allows businesses to post jobs on Facebook.

How To Provide Great Customer Service On Social Media

It wasn't that long ago when having a business presence on social media was optional. Now, it's expected, and it's no longer good enough to simply post when you have a promotion or other announcement.

Facebook Likes Are Nice, Facebook Leads Are Better

Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses, but in order to wield that tool effectively, you need to understand what its strengths are, and how to use the myriad of metrics provided to determine what's working and what's not. Many business owners are under the mistaken impression that Facebook page likes are the most important statistic for their accounts. Page likes are important to a point, but in the end, they don't directly equate to leads or sales, and counting them doesn't even tell half the story.

Turning Complaints into Great Customer Service on Social Media

It can be discouraging when you find customers leaving negative reviews online or negative comments on your social media, but the way your company handles those instances tells people far more about your business than the negative remarks.

Why Is My Facebook Reach Decreasing? The Latest News Feed Update

Recent changes to the Facebook Newsfeed have thrown business owners, and marketers, for a loop. These changes will lead to a continued decrease in organic reach and referral traffic for many businesses, but there are some steps you can take to keep your posts appearing in your fan’s feeds.