Taking Root

Looking Back: Rooted Marketing Celebrates 5 Years!

Rooted Marketing is celebrating our milestone 5-year anniversary today. If you had asked me 5 years ago if I thought Rooted Marketing would be where it is today, I'd have said, "No." 5 years ago, I was just helping out a friend. I had no idea where that offer would take me….

6 Tips For Starting A Business In Wisconsin

Starting a business is an exciting time. You have a great product, service, or idea. You have the fortitude and wherewithal to be your own boss. So now what? How do you actually go about starting a business in Wisconsin? We're here to help you get started.

The 5 Stages Of Admitting You Need Help With Marketing

At some point, every growing company reaches a point where it needs a better and more active marketing plan in order to continue its successful growth. This transitional stage can provide serious, and sometimes painful, challenges for the people who started those businesses and worked to get them this far. 

Strapped For Time? 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs

Starting a new business is a very exciting process…and it can be very stressful. Most new business owners start out wearing most, if not all, of the hats in the office, and staying on top of everything is overwhelming. One thing every successful business owner needs to learn is how to take advantage of simple, effective productivity tools to help them get more done in less time, and rest assured that all the bases are covered.

To Achieve Success as a Small Business Owner, Learn When To Outsource

Most small business owners begin by doing everything themselves. Soon, the business begins to grow, and those entrepreneurs can quickly go from the heady feeling of freedom to the crushing burden of wearing all the hats.

What Every Successful Business Owner Can Be Thankful For

Starting and running your own business is filled with challenges and rewards that make for a unique type of life. We get the heady rush of being in control of our own destiny, following our passions, and working toward goals that matter most to us. Of course, the other side of that rush is the occasional feeling of having large waves crashing down on our heads: Deadlines, mistakes, tax filings, managing clients. For better or worse, there's never a dull moment for an entrepreneur. Successful business owners learn rather quickly to find the silver linings, even in situations that seem bleak, and in those dark moments, they take the time to think of their reasons to be thankful.