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6 Graphic Design Trends Of 2017

It's always fun to look at trends in the world of graphic design. Here's a look at what has been striking a chord with folks this year.

6 Graphic Design Trends Of 2017

1. Cinemagraphs. Even if you don't recognize the term, we're certain you've noticed cinemagraphs. These are still photos to which a single, small movement as been added. They are usually presented as GIFs. In addition to bringing an element of life to an image, cinemagraphs are very effective at quickly grabbing our attention because they are still unique and unexpected. 


Cereal with Milk Cinemagraph, courtesy:  www.gallereplay.com.
Gallereplay maintains a large gallery of stock cinemagraphs as well as custom creations.

2. Patterns and Modular Designs. Patterns are big this year, especially those that mimic nature or have a "crafty" or retro vibe. This works best when contrasted with simple typography and it works well with both bold or neutral colors. Related to that is modular layouts. These types of layouts break up text into smaller chunks but the same can be done with a busy pattern as well.
3. Bold, Bright Colors. Are you one of those people who think the last few years have given us enough of the safe and easy to digest neutral color schemes? You should be happy this year; one of the biggest trends we've noticed is a return to bold and bright colors! Taking a cue from Pantone's Color of the Year, Greenery, designers are embracing colors found in nature and giving them a little boost to bring out the intensity of color.
2017Pantone  Color of the Year - Greenery
4. Minimalism. Wait, didn't we just say patterns and chunky blocking was a trend? Yes, we did, but minimalism is still big too. There's just no substitute for minimalism's simplicity and functionality, which is one reason it's been around since the early 20th Century! The intentional use of white space actually pairs quite well with the year's bold color trends and even striking patterns.

5. Unique Images. We've seen several changes in the types of images that are being used this year. There is definitely a trend away from stock photos and towards authentic and custom images. We've also seen a rise in the use of hand-drawn illustrations. Authenticity and hand-drawing both speak to the human element in graphic design, helping to establish a connection between reader and publisher.DTS_Chi-To-LA_9.jpg

Death to Stock Photo offers a variety of authentic 'non-stock' images

6. Color Transitions. Getting back to color trends, color transitions are big this year. A color transition is when the graphic designer stays in the same color register or family, but incorporates faded or intensified versions of that same color throughout the graphic, design, or image. It's a great way to give new life to flat-color logos and, again, is another trend that works well with patterns. 


Exploring Trends

Keep in mind that just because something is trendy doesn't mean it's right for your company or brand and not ALL trends should be adopted at the same time! But following trends can give you ideas and insights into how you can freshen up your image without undertaking a complete overhaul of the brand. Choose what works best for your business and put your own spin on it! Or, contact Rooted Marketing for Graphic Design services! We'll help you say what you want to say without saying a word!

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