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5 Reasons to Outsource to a Marketing Professional

Deciding to hire a marketing professional is often a turning point for young, growing businesses. It’s the point when you turn from an entrepreneur with a vision to a startup with a full-fledged identity.

A marketing professional has the ability to turn your vision into a practical, achievable image which drives your company to success. But how is it done? And is it better to hire in-house or to outsource? Here are five reasons why you should consider outsourcing a marketing professional.

5 Reasons to Outsource to a Marketing Professional

Here are five reasons why you should consider outsourcing a marketing professional.

1. You’ll save money.

An outsourced marketing professional saves money – a valuable and often scarce commodity for startups. From benefits to salary to office space, hiring a full-time employee is expensive.

Imagine someone or a team of people doing just what your business needs without having to “fill” an entire work-week worth of hours. Sounds nice, right? That’s what it’s like when you outsource. You pay for the hours they do for you and nothing else. And you don’t have to share office space.

2. Outsourcing saves time.

A marketing professional frees up time for you to focus on projects that will really move the needle forward in your business.

There are two reasons for this. First, a marketing professional can accomplish in a few hours what might take you a day or more, simply because they already know what they’re doing. Second, the marketing professional will probably do it better.

3. Outsourced marketing professionals can fill in your blind spots.

Being involved in everything is great, but it has its blind spots. Someone internal to the company – especially a founder still involved in day-to-day operations – is deeply immersed in the business and its vision. That can create a disconnect between who the company wants to sell to, and who will actually buy it.

It’s a third-party marketer’s job to make sure a company is being honest with itself and staying true to the data. A marketing professional will tell you exactly how your message is being received.

4. You’ll get just what a growing company needs.

Besides saving money and time, outsourcing can offer flexibility. This is exactly what a growing company needs. You can use marketing professionals with specific specialties or expertise to make the most of your marketing dollars.

You may not need a full-time marketing employee yet. But the chances are that investing in just one or two well-executed marketing strategies can set off massive growth. Get the ball rolling with a marketing professional and move from there.

5. You’ll have a more creative marketing strategy.

Company employees see what competitors do, but they tend to miss the creativity in other markets. Meanwhile, an outsourced marketing professional sees and implements strategies that work across industries.

Often, marketing agencies and freelancers work or have worked in several different business types and industries. They can bring inspiration from other markets to blow your – and your customers’ – mind.

Should Your Company Outsource to a Marketing Professional?

The decision to outsource to a marketing professional or keep the work in-house depends on your project’s timeline, budget, and the current skill lineup of your team. Marketing professionals fill in the gaps, provide specialized expertise, and help you keep your overhead low.

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