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Tips And Tricks For Creating The Best Email Subject Lines

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Are you inundated with email every day? Guess what? Your customers are, too. That makes it hard for you compete for their attention in the Inbox. In situations like this, your email subject lines are critical to getting readers' attention. But what makes a good email subject line? Sometimes, we spend so much time crafting the content of the email, the subject line becomes an afterthought.

This is a big mistake.

The email subject line is your best (and possibly only) chance to grab the readers' attention and get them to take action (i.e. open the email!).

But coming up with an attention-grabbing, action-taking email subject line isn't easy. Too often we fall into the routine and commonplace and that's where our emails get lost. They just can't compete with all the other email flooding your subscribers' Inboxes.

If this sounds familiar, you'll want to read on for some tips that can help you create the best email subject lines and improve your open rates!

Tips And Tricks For Creating The Best Email Subject Lines

  • Keep It Clear And Concise

Who has time to decipher what a supposedly witty or clever subject line means? Be clear about the content of the email so readers can quickly browse and decide if they are going to open it or not. This is especially important if the email is a follow-up to an order or inquiry. 

  • Pare It Down

Don't you hate it when you get an email and the subject line has been cut off? It's not very effective at getting the point across, is it? Keep the subject line to under 50 characters to guarantee the entire line is visible.

  • Make 'Em Laugh

Humor tends to stand out against the backdrop of dry and drab email subject lines. Take a chance and see what a good pun gets you. This works best if you know your audience well or are sending it to a targeted audience that will appreciate it. Need help creating that target audience? Read our blog post on generating email subscribers.

  • Include Numbers.

Top 10 Lists are popular for a reason. Our minds are drawn to numbers and we like to scan documents. Adding a number to your subject line also creates visual disparity from other emails and helps yours to stand out from the crowd.

  • Get Personal

Anytime you can add a personal dimension to an email subject line, you up the chances of the email getting opened. Add city names, geographic regions, proper names, and the like. 

  • Unusual Punctuation Marks

Exclamation points are well used in subject lines, But what about ? or * or %? Again, anything that makes your subject line look different from the other 300 in the Inbox will draw the eye and boost its' chances of being opened. 

  • Ask A Question

Questions immediately engage the customer, increasing the chances of the email being read.

  • Create Scarcity

No one wants to be left out. That's why "Final Days!" and "Last Chance!" emails are so effective. Not only does this create an emotional response in the reader, these types of subject lines can often incorporate numbers and unusual punctuation to further differentiate them from other emails. Including a deadline also helps convey a sense of urgency.

  • Tease A Mystery

"It all ends on…" What? What ends? Our natural curiously makes these mystery teaser emails particularly effective as email subject lines. 

  • Avoid Spam

Overly aggressive, super sales-y subject lines tend to get labeled as spam and promptly deleted.

  • Make An Announcement

Recent news or exclusive announcements make readers feel special, motivating them to open the email.

Finding The Best Email Subject Lines Is An Ongoing Process 

Don't be afraid to spend some time developing good email subject lines. It can take time and trial and error to hit on what works for your audience. The best email subject lines grab the readers' attention, are personal and descriptive, and compel the reader to open the email. Keep these goals in mind and combine them with an understanding of your audience to develop effective email subject lines.

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