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How The Right Lead Magnets Help Senior Living Communities

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 Lead magnets, also known as content offers, are an extremely useful marketing tool for companies whose prospects put a great deal of time, thought, and research into their purchasing decision. In marketing terminology, these are high-consideration purchases.

Choosing a nursing home or assisted care facility for a loved one is an especially high-consideration purchase because those prospects are not only making a significant financial decision, but also buying peace of mind for themselves and the best care possible for that loved one. These decisions are based on a complex set of factors which vary from person to person. Use content offers to get more leads and to keep those prospects engaged and your messages fresh in their mind throughout that decision-making process.

  • The Rule of Seven – The Rule of Seven is a marketing axiom that has its roots in 1930s Hollywood, but its fundamental truth is still being proven again and again in the digital age. It takes at least seven marketing "touches" for a prospect to become a serious lead. Of course, modern touches look very different today from how they did in the '30s, and targeting those touches is critical in today's marketing landscape – especially for high-consideration purchases. The best way to get prospects to accept those touches is to get them to opt in.
  • One Size Does Not Fit All – Care facilities are often dealing with a committee of family members rather than a single person making the buying decision. For that reason, it's important to create content offers that will appeal to all members of that committee and demonstrate your total awareness, concern, and care. Some of them will worry about hygiene, some will worry about dietary concerns, others about residents' activities and mentation. By creating webinars, newsletters, or white papers on those topics, you'll encourage all parties to subscribe, engage, and continue consuming your marketing touches. Give them information they can use now and information that helps them choose your facility. Some useful topics could be "Elder Care: Keep Those Feet Happy," or "How to Give Proper Nutrition on a Soft Mechanical Diet," or "5 Activities That Keep Elders' Minds Young."
  • Increase Your Subscription Rate – One incredibly simple and effective way to increase email opt-ins is to include a very short description of what kind of content you will send people you offer your lead magnet. One AWeber user did an A/B test with and without a description and saw a staggering 83.75 percent increase in sign-ups just by adding that little detail.

Keep Your Prospects Engaged And Increase Conversion

For nursing homes and assisted living facilities, the key to converting prospects to buyers is making every marketing touch not only informative, but representative of the level of care and compassion you provide your residents and their families. Design the right content offers and you'll reach the minds and hearts of your prospects more quickly.

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Nicole Gosz

Article by Nicole Gosz